God's Plan for Financing the Ministry


Since the very early days of man's existence, God has had a ministry into which He calls people to serve Him by representing Him in service to His people. God has a plan for the financial support of those whom He calls into the ministry and wherever and whenever this plan is understood and implemented, the ministry prospers, and wherever the ministry prospers according to God's plan, the church and the nation prosper. This financial support plan requires that only those who are called by God into the ministry be empowered to receive and administer the tithes and offerings of the people of God.

Until there is adequate funding to release those called into the five-fold ministry to function in their proper offices, there is not, nor can there be, the full and accurate manifestation of the church. The very hope of the church becoming what it is called to be, depends in part on the understanding and implementation of God's financial plan for the ministry.

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