Men Rule...But God Overrules


Power tends to corrupt... but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Since Lucifer's revolt, there has always been a war raging-good against evil. God created for man a perfect world without sin and death, but the temptation of Satan caused the Fall of Man. Since then, Satan has used mankind in an attempt to destroy God's plan to save humanity through the Savior.

This book is a stark awakening to what is happening in the world today in the realm of politics and religion. There is a New World Order being ushered in by the enemies of the Cross and they will stop at nothing to gain absolute control of the world as we know it. The desire for world dominance is nothing new, but the means by which it will be accomplished have become so covert that the blinded people of the world will never suspect that they will soon become slaves to the world system. The Bible spells it all out "for anyone who has ears to hear."

Karen Frazier Romero's writing has come as a "voice" crying in the wilderness of religion. "Men Rule...But God Overrules" is a must-read for those who are seeking truth.

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